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Foreplay. Lavender

                                                       Sensual Bath Salts

                                                       Heat up your tub without using the hot water! Each packet includes
                                                       5 oz. of bath salts and 5 romantic suggestion cards. The cards offer
                                                       sexy, fun and intimate ideas for ways that you and your lover can enjoy
                                                       sharing a nice, warm tub together. The recommended usage amount is
                                                       1 ounce so there are enough bath salts for 5 baths or dips in the hot tub.
              Pomegranate                              $12

                                                                    Flirty Feet Foot Polish

                                                         This sexy scrub has an invigorating texture that polishes up feet,
                                                         making them feel irresistibly smooth and soft. Scented in sweet
                                                         peppermint and infused with high quality oils, it deeply hydrates the
          Sensuality.                                    skin and makes them feel like brand new!
          Verbena/Green tea
                                                         $22 ~ 8 fl oz

                                                                    Flirty Feet Foot Lotion

                                                                    Enjoy a little footsie foreplay while massaging this
                                                                    luxurious lotion onto your partner’s feet or your own. This
                                                                    blend of natural peppermint oils will tingle the toes and
                                                                    leave feet feeling fresh and oh so flirty!

                                                                    Foot Tingly/Cooling Massage Lotion (peppermint)

                                                                    $22 ~ 8 fl oz

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