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Honey Dust

                                                  Kissable, moisture-wicking body powder that leaves skin silky-soft and delicately
                                                  scented. Includes a sexy feather applicator. Talc-free.

                                                  Delicious, kissable body dust
                                                  Lightweight formula wicks away moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth
                                                  Four irresistible flavors, each imparts a delicate fragrance on the skin
                                                  Use anywhere on the body
                                                  Flavors: Sweet Honeysuckle, Raspberry Kiss, Strawberry Dreams, Chocolate Caress

                                                  $39 ~ 8 fl oz

                                                              Kissable Diamond Dust

                                             It is just as sweet and kissable as you are
                                             and is beautiful on all skin tones. Packaged
                                             with a puff applicator for easy use. Kissed or
                                             washed away easily at the end of the night.

                                                                        $22 ~ 2 fl oz

                                         Max Attract™ Pheromone Cologne

                                  Perfect finishing touch for a wild, sexual
                                  adventure or anytime. Bold, erotic masculine
                                  fragrance. Mixes with each man’s natural pH
                                  balance and pheromone output to develop
                                  his natural sexual scent.

                                  Scents: Hypnotic and Renegade

                                                             $25 ~ 1 fl oz

                                        Pure Instinct Man                          Pure Instinct
                                        Masculine Cologne that combines with       Pure Instinct is a gender-friendly
                                        your body’s chemistry to create your       fragrance, formulated to stimulate
                                        own individual sexual scent. Infused       sexual appeal, elevate confidence,
                                        with pheromones to intensify sex           enhance mood and awaken the
                                        appeal & attract the opposite sex.         senses.

                                        $27 ~ 1 fl oz                              $22 ~ 0.5 fl oz

                                 Pure Instinct Woman

                                 Pure Instinct Woman is a fine fragrance designed to induce sensual intentions.
                                 This pheromone-infused perfume offers long-lasting fragrance and combines
                                 with the body’s pH to determine a unique sensual identity for each woman.
                                 Fragrance - An explosive bouquet of bergamont, freesia, fresh citrus, vanilla,
                                 jasmine, and orchid.

                                 $27 ~ 1 fl oz

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