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Relax, Life Is Good                               Bath & Body

           [He]ro 260 Shaving Cream

           [HE]RO 260 MALE SHAVE CREAM 8 oz - Clean cut and super smooth,
           [HE]RO 260 Shaving Cream reveals that handsome face and body. This
           moisture-rich shaving cream leaves his skin looking youthful, well-
           moisturized, and kissably smooth. Suitable for using everywhere on the

            $24 ~ 8 fl oz

           Smitten Shave Cream

           Pheromone-infused intimate shave cream.  Smitten Kitten is our
           pheromone-infused intimate shaving cream that leaves skin smooth,
           ultra-hydrated, and completely rash-free.

           Helps prevent rash and bumps from shaving. It is formulated to help give
           you a smooth shave, protect the surface, and moisturize your beautiful
           skin. It is safe to use all over the body and ideal for using near intimate

           Scents: Vanilla/Sugar/Sweet Pea, Pomegranate/Fig/Coconut/Plumeria,
           Passion Fruit/Guava

           $24 ~ 8 fl oz

           Head Over Heels Bubble Bath

           Nothing is more romantic than soaking with your sweetie in a super
           fluffy bubble bath. Warm, silky water with a fragrance that pleasures
           and soothes you both. Head over Heels in infused with gender-neutral
           arousing pheromones and essential oils that help put you in the mood
           and make you both feel sexy!

           Available in three provocative scents:
           Passionfruit & Guava
           Vanilla, Sugar, & Sweet Pea
           Pomegranate, Fig, Coconut, & Plumeria

           $20 ~ 8 fl oz

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