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An Intimate Tickles Party is a free, fun, confidential and educational way to learn about sensual products and tips and techniques to enhance your sex life. One of our trained Romance Consultants will bring everything you need for an exciting night of fun. As a Hostess, you will receive free shopping credits for hosting a qualified party. We are happy to customize your party with a theme, a special time, date or location. You must be at least 18 years of age to host a party.

Independent Romance Consultant for Intimate Tickles are trained as experts in the company’s products and serve as educators and facilitators for those who want to host an Adult Romance Party, we call them Tickle Toy Parties, in the privacy and comfort of their home or the home of a friend.

Guests are invited to view, touch, taste and sample products they may not have the opportunity or courage to shop for in a retail store. Moreover, guests can ask questions, share stories, and receive valuable sexual education from the Consultant and other party goers

NO. Hosting an Intimate Tickles Party is free, fun and educational.

  • As an Intimate Tickles Hostess you will be guaranteed to receive at a minimum 10% in free merchandise based on your retail party sales. (Many Intimate Tickles Consultants offer more)
  • Minimum ($250.00 retail party) to receive benefits
  • You will receive a small gift the night of your party from your consultant
  • Monthly Hostess Exclusive Item (minimum retail sales requirement to qualify)
  • One ½ price item when a retail party reaches $500 in sales
  • $5.00 Product Credit Certificate for EACH qualifying party booked and held from your party. (ask your Consultant for details)

With an Intimate Tickles Party, you can spend your rewards on any products shown at the party, in our catalog, OR most any products on our website. (ask your consultant for details)

  • Your rewards will be calculated from the total retail party sales before your order is placed. Specials or discounted merchandise may not apply.
  • Total party sales are calculated before Sales Tax and Shipping.
  • Hostess Rewards may not be applied to certain sale items.

Absolutely! All orders are taken in a separate room, and purchases received on the spot will be placed discreetly in a bag.

Absolutely! Many people book parties for Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Holidays, Divorce, or a Girls Night. Additional Party Ideas are listed on our website under Host A Party > Party Ideas. Please let us know what type of party you are planning, and they will make sure your event is a success.

YES, Intimate Tickles is one of the few companies that offer Co-Ed and Couples’ Parties. Please discuss your interest of party type when we have our initial consultation.

YES! Your party will be open to take orders as soon as you schedule your party date. Your party may also remain open for a few days after. Remember, you don’t want to keep your party open too long, as your guests will be anxiously awaiting their purchases.

You can hold a Virtual Party! Intimate Tickles offers a unique type of party called a Virtual Party. You may Host the party completely via the internet, or you may have the Consultant come to your home, give you the presentation, while your guests attend via Skype or a Conference Call. This is an excellent choice for far-away or home-bound friends. Intimate Tickles offers full tutorials and training on conducting a Facebook virtual party.

Becoming an Intimate Tickles Romance Consultant offers you the opportunity to own and manage your own business, and prosper from unlimited earning potential. You can build your business to the level of success your personal drive and ambition will take you.

Virginia and Deryk have been involved in the adult romance business for many years and bring a wealth of experience to the arena. When you join Intimate Tickles we are not just offering you a middle man to get your products from, we are supplying you with the tools, education, and expertise to grow your business beyond your own expectations.

In addition to the financial rewards, you will be joining the The Tickle Team, our family, which is a group of women, men, and couples across the United States who share the same passion for the business and enhancing life. Every member of The Tickle Team Family will tell you…”We empower each other every day, and not only is it motivating, it is great to know you always have someone in your corner”.

Intimate Tickles offers you a commission of 45%, no matter which kit you choose.

Of Course Not! We do not discriminate when it comes to sex. Women, Men and Couples are all welcome to become Consultants and join the Intimate Tickles Team. All Consultants are expected to maintain a professional sex positive image at all times and enjoy helping and educating people about human sexuality.

NO. You can do online parties, catalog parties, virtual parties…OR…you can just promote website sales only. No matter what type of party you hold, you will still receive ALL of the other benefits offered by Intimate Tickles.

Virtual Parties are a new concept and an excellent way for you to earn money and free products without ever having to leave your home. You can hold a Virtual Party and earn the same commission or hostess benefits as an in-home party. Imagine being able to hold your parties anywhere in the United States. This is just one of the many outstanding unique features offered to you as an Intimate Tickles Consultant. Intimate Tickles provides full Facebook & Skype Virtual Party training.

You can start your own Intimate Tickles Adult Romance business with a choice of six kits. 

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to expand your kit right from the beginning. Intimate Tickles gives you 3 months to purchase any of our pre-packaged kits (1 of each kit is an option), giving you lots of time to EARN the needed finances. You will also have the opportunity each month to earn FREE Products to build up your Presentation Kit through incentives and the Intimate Tickles Free Product Rewards.

Obviously, the more products you carry in your showcase, the better your profit will be due to having more products for your Hostess and Guests to preview, test and sample before placing their order.

Your first party is usually done for your friends. Ask them to bring along a few guests you don’t know and book parties with those new faces. Many Consultants also host their own launch party, and continue to have their own parties throughout the years. Invite all your friends and family over to check out your new business. Explain incentives for party bookings, play a game or two, and make your launch party fun (We will train you how).

Beyond your friends, family, and throwing your own parties, Intimate Tickles is the only company on the planet that offers you an EXTENSIVE Marketing Center, along with complete training on how to create an online presence that may keep you busier than your goals. Our internet marketing gurus have pulled out all the stops to give you tools that allow you to take full advantage of social media, search engines, and the ever growing presence of potential customers online.

This is one of the major reasons we decided to make Intimate Tickles LLC it’s own Adult Romance Home Party Plan. If you’ve been around the industry, you may very well have heard of the Tickle Team, so you know that we are ALL ABOUT Product Quality, Customer Service, Training & Support.

Intimate Tickles takes pride in having brought together some of the most knowledgeable Consultants & Business Trainers in the industry. Your Tickle Team Leader will be an experienced source of training, guidance, and mentoring. Our once a month session with a world renowned Direct Sales professional will supply you the knowledge and skills to work every aspect of your business. You’ll learn how to manage your time, promote your product, and succeed in this ever changing direct sales arena.

Your Business Center and Marketing Center will have training and education available 24/7. Within your Marketing Center, you will have access to the best resources in the direct-sales industry. Training from leading sexual health experts, recorded training calls, how-to videos, training tracks for learning at your own pace, personal customer service assistance, and more.

This support plus heart-to-heart talks with your Tickle Team Leader, other Consultants, and Virginia J. White means we are all here to help you become not only a Consultant who sells products, but a trusted sexual adviser who empowers and educates women, men, and couples.

Intimate Tickles is proud to also offer free customized one-on-one training designed to suit your personal and business goals and needs.

At Intimate Tickles, it’s not just that we love what we do; it’s what we do for you that keep us motivated to improve. Our mission has always been to empower people and to give everyone a safe environment to learn about sexual health, enhancement, and to give them the permission to learn new ways to take their relationship beyond boundaries, strengthen the romance, and to encourage open communication. It’s these goals that have made Intimate Tickles one of the premiere adult toy & romance party companies in the industry.

As one of the newest and growing romance enhancement home party plan companies in the country, Intimate Tickles LLC is dedicated to providing superior customer service and tasteful presentations of our high quality products. We are proud to be enriching our customers’ lives and intimate relationships through education and sensual products designed to enhance romance and pleasure.

Hmmm. Where do we start? First of all, we’ve been there, done that. We are not just riding on the coat tails of a 55 Billion dollar industry, we are determined to make it better. We are not trying to the biggest, we are striving to the best.

Intimate Tickles LLC was created to give all individuals (women, men, and couples) the opportunity to succeed in this demanding business. Virginia White and Deryk Brown, Founders and CEO, have 25 years in the home party plan business and 25 years in the online marketing business. Their goal is to supply their elite consultants with the REAL tools needed to grow their business. Are you tired of hearing the same worn out tips over and over again? You won’t get them here!

  • 45% Commission on EVERYTHING
  • Women Only, Couples, & Co-Ed Parties
  • Customer Service the Old-Fashioned Way, via a Real Voice along with the High Tech ways of Today
  • Interaction and Training directly with the Founder and CEOs Virginia J White and Deryk Brown – as well as Direct Sales training from industry leaders.
  • FREE Corporate Party Leads and Consultant Leads
  • Consultant Support with Personalized Training Program Customized for Each Individual’s Needs
  • State of the Art Business Center & Marketing Center with 24/7 access to Training and Education
  • Custom designed Replicated e-Commerce Website with Shopping Cart, Customizable RepliDuplicated Marketing site, Virtual Parties and more
  • Night of the Party Payment
  • A truly diverse range of products, from mild to wild
  • And…Too Many Other Benefits to List

So many personalities, so little time. Sexual preferences within our great U.S. of A. are as diverse and beautiful as the stars in the sky, and our goal is to give our consultants the power to satisfy as many of them as possible.

The Intimate Tickles product line ranges from the meek, mild, and shy to the bold, wild, and “Oh, My Goodness”.

Some ladies and gentlemen out there may not even know they enjoy it because they didnt know it existed until one of our Elite Intimate Tickles consultants introduced it to them. That’s just cool.

Intimate Tickles will always strive to carry the finest romance, relationship, and sensual products available. Our products are researched and carefully chosen to ensure they are body safe and female friendly. Our comprehensive selection includes spa-quality bath, body and beauty products, many of which are aphrodisiac-enriched, premium lubricants, heighteners, edibles and massage products, lingerie, games, books, adult novelties and bedroom accessories. No matter whether you are young or old, female or male, beginner or experienced, single or a couple, we are always working to offer what you want.

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