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Floggers, Whips, Dragontails and Crops  Breathable Ball Gag                        Gags

          This perforated gag lets you restrict the speech of
          your sub while still allowing them to breath easily. The
          smooth plastic is tasteless and odorless, and is large
          enough to gag them without being too uncomfortable.
          Ball: 1.8 “ in diameter; Strap: Adjusts from 17 to 23.25 “ in
          circumference, 26.5 “ in total length.


                              Dildo Face Harness

 Laminated Wooden Handle Premium Flogger  Give a twist to strap-on sex with this Strict Leather Dildo
                              Face Harness. Made from soft leather – this makes the
 Top grain leather flogger. Falls are 18 “ long and choice of fall width.   harness incredibly comfortable. 1.5 to 2.5 “ in diameter.
 Finished with a rainbow laminated handle that has a great grip for   Dildo ot included.
 comfort. This is a custom order piece and has a three week ship time.
 $240 Your choice of color: Rainbow, Grey, Neon Green,
 Purple/Grey, Purple Heart, Red/Grey, or Teal (
 (Check our website for images of all designs).
 Also your choice of fall cut in 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” or Random (a   Fantasy Gag
 combination of all 3 cuts)  This erotically shaped gag features a penis mouth piece with semi
          realistic texture detailing. Made of premium silicone, the Suppressor
          is non-porous and hypo allergenic.The gag can be worn with
          the penis in to restrict their speech, or with it out to force them to
          pleasure you. 22 “ in total length. Ball measures 1.65 “ in diameter,
          penis measures 2.5 in length, 1 inch in diameter


 The Bastards                     Locking Open Mouth Gag
                                  Spread their lips and keep their mouth open and awaiting your pleasure.
 Over 5 foot long floggers! Each flogger has
 80 half inch falls measuring 45” long of 7oz   This locking gag features a 1.5 inch diameter opening at the front – the
 & 9oz black bullhide leather! Price is per   perfect size for accepting all sorts of objects…a rolling buckle at the back
 flogger. Custom made per order. This item has   locks in place easily with the addition of a standard small size lock (not
 a 4 week shipment time. Picture courtesy of   included) and is adjustable to fit most any size head.
 Goddess Phoenix.                 $63

                                                           Silicone Ball Gag

          This standard ball gag is a quality piece with a classic design. The gag is made of
          odorless, tasteless, phthalate-free silicone, and is sized to restrict speech effectively
          while maintaining comfort for long-term wear. The gag is supported by a black,
          double layered strap strung between two gleaming silver O-rings. The straps are solid,
          yet soft and flexible.
                                       $45 Your Choice of Color in Red or Black  8                                          9                                       877-531-5541
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