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In Love, we are Deryk & Virginia. In business we are Intimate Tickles   2018 / 2019
 LLC., Adult Romance Parties .

 As a couple with 25 years in the home party plan business, 30 years
 experience in web design and online marketing, 31 years in the law   4-13                        Bath & Body
 field, 37+ years in parenting (and still learning!), and almost half a
 century’s experience in life – we chose to embark upon the world of   14-15                      Pheromones
 adult romance and sex toys party business.         16                                                his desire

                                                17-21                                        Massage & Relax

                                                22-25                                               Lubricants

                                               26-27-                                         Sensual Fitness

                                                    28                                       Shower Passion
 As one of the newest and most elite romance enhancement home party
 plan companies in the country, Intimate Tickles is dedicated to providing   41-44         The Healthy body
 superior customer service, outstanding business opportunities and tasteful
 presentations of our high quality products. We empower our team to have
 an extraordinary life, both personally and professionally, while enriching our
 customers’ lives and intimate relationships through education and sensual
 products designed to enhance romance and pleasure.
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