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Strawberry Truffle   Foreplay. Lavender                               Bath & Body
 Bath Bomb Cupcake  Pahoa Pearls and Bath Bombs

 Chocolate Caramel ~ 100% pure chocolate essential oil
 from France and caramel scent. $13

 Strawberry Truffle ~ Strawberry Truffle bath bomb trans-
 ports you to a whole other world. $13                           Sensual Bath Salts

                                                                 Heat up your tub without using the hot water! Each packet
 Rubber Duckie ~ Infused with a fresh ocean breeze scent         includes 5 oz. of bath salts and 5 romantic suggestion
 Chocolate Caramel   and a duck to boot. $13  Passion.           cards. The cards offer sexy, fun and intimate ideas for

 Bath Bomb Cupcake      Pomegranate                              ways that you and your lover can enjoy sharing a nice,
                                                                 warm tub together. The recommended usage amount is 1
 Snot Be Gone ~ Perfect for those who suffer from allergies      ounce so there are enough bath salts for 5 baths or dips in
 or sinus problems.  Infused with 100% pure peppermint and       the hot tub.

 eucalyptus essential oils. $13                                  $12

 Beauty and The Beast  Beauty and the Beast ~ Infused with 100% pure Jasmine oil
 you will surly feel like the Belle at the Ball. $13

 Lavender and Chamomile  ~ Perfect for both adults and
 children to help promote a calm and relaxing feeling.  Great
 to use before bed to help you sleep better. $13  Sensuality.
                                     Verbena/Green tea

 Rubber Duckie

                                                                              Intimate TIckles signature bomb W/

 Lavender and                                                                        pearl necklace inside
 Chamomile                                                Filigree Heart  Imagine the look on someone’s face when
                                                                          you give them just a bath bomb for a gift
                                                                          and when its done fizzing a capsule pops
                                                                          to the top with a beautiful necklace inside.
                                                                          This would make a perfect gift for anyone
 Snot Be Gone   Bath & Body                                               any time of the year.  This has our signature

 Bath Bomb                                                                scent. We would tell you what it is but then
                                                                          it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.
                                                                          *color of pearl will vary


                                                                                    Angel Wings
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